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Available Rescues

Huff N' Puff Hedgehog Rescue requires all potential adopters to complete an adoption application. Once application has been reviewed and accepted, a $50 non-refundable deposit is to be placed to hold your hedgehog. Non refundable deposit goes towards their adoption fee. 

We require proof of enclosure for hedgehogs to leave our rescue. Once photos are sent and approved, we plan for adoption pick up day! 

If your hedgehog has been reserved and a deposit has been placed, you have 2 weeks to get an approved set up and/or schedule a day to pick up once approved. Failure to pickup/meet for adoption day will result in a boarding fee of $50 a week OR $5 a day. Boarding fees are due at the beginning of each week then any balance left is due at pickup.

*We have the right to VOID adoptions if adopter fails to provide proof of safe enclosure or refuses to work with rescue to obtain a proper setup. Voided adoptions will not receive deposit refunds!*


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